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Provincial Capitol of Daet

•Provincial Capitol - reconstructed from 1986 to 1995, the provincial capitol is the seat of the provincial government of Camarines Norte province. It has 12 big front columns representing the 12 municipalities of the province.

The name of Daet came from the word "DAE" which means "NO". Conquerors usually hold his conquered people in awe and fear. Just like when the Spaniards came to this place, the natives were naturally afraid and submissive. When they ask about the name of the place they thought that the Spaniards (Spanish Soldiers) were looking for persons guilty of some offense so they answered in unison "DAE". They did not understand each other’s language then. The Spaniards mistook their answers as to mean the name of place so they called the place DAE. As the name was handed from one generation to another it was later on changed to DAET. THUS, the name remained up to the present, DAET.

The municipality of DAET, the capital town of the Province of Camarines Norte, is located in the northern portion of Region V of Bicol Region. Daet is bounded in the east by Mercedes, in the south by Basud, in the southwest by San Lorenzo Ruiz; in the north by Pacific
Daet is 365 kilometers southeast of Metro Manila and eight hours drive by bus or forty –five (45) minutes trip by plane. The climate is classified as type II, with no dry season and with a very pronounced maximum rain from November to January.

picture of half-naked boys in front of Camarines Norte Provincial Capitol

Iloilo City Central Public Market

Along Valera, Iznart and Jose Rizal Streets is the Iloilo Central Market. The public market building built during the early 20th century uses Deco motifs. This is evident in the step lintel and post opening of the covered walkway and the central tower, above the market’s main entrance. The tower served as the administrative office of the market.

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