Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sorsogon Provincial Capitol

The Sorsogon Provincial Capitol Park, with the imposing Capitol Building as its centerpiece, located along Rizal Street, just as one enters the center of Sorsogon City, serves as Sorsogon Provinces government center, where most of the government agencies, both provincial and national, hold office and transact business. The 2-storey Capitol Building, made of reinforced concrete and built during the early American period, features Roman Doric columns at its facade. The Park is perhaps the largest, most beautiful and most green Park anywhere in the Bicol Region. Its gnarled, ancient trees are a sight to behold. Towards the eastern side of the Park is a domed concrete kiosk, which locals, to this day, call the kiosk. It is now considered a historical landmark, which used to host bands and orchestras during formal balls and concerts at the Park.

- Marissa C. Balid

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